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WriteMonkey is a unique text editor that helps you do your work without any distractions, because its minimalistic interface is free of all the options that would typically distract you from your work. The first time you run the program, it will open full-screen, without boxes or menu bars, just a blank window for writing. The tool allows you to do many different things, though, to make writing easier and to organize the text. For example, you can insert tags using HTML or organize text instantly without using toolbars.

As you write, you can see how many words you have written at the bottom of the screen, which you can also set to turn red after you hit a certain word count. The program also lets you preview the text before printing it. In addition, you can save the document in TXT, HTML, or DOC formats.

WriteMonkey also allows you to search and replace one word with another or create a special section where you can save text, like a paragraph that you don't want to delete but also don't want to use at that time. It also lets you make marginal notes to help you continue to work comfortably and easily.
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